The 2015 Annual Founders Day observance occurred on Saturday, February 28, at the Florida Alpha Chapter House in Tallahassee.  The Chapter has continued to put on an excellent professional dinner/banquet, and handled the logistics, set up and cleanup in an exemplary manner.

The popularity of this celebration was quite evident by the increasing attendance of Alumni.  The previous year’s (2014) event showed many of the Alumni that we were starting to outgrow the Chapter House setting.  Attendance at this year’s event confirmed it, as there was ‘standing room only’.

Fortunately, Frank Taylor, Alabama Alpha 1964, from Panama City, came to this year’s event with a petition package for establishing a Phi Kappa Psi Alumni Association.  He spoke to us about his experience in establishing an Alumni Association in the Panama City area in 2009, and how it had flourished for several years until Father Time had its ultimate impact and it no longer qualified as an Alumni Association due to the membership falling below the required 15 members.

Frank found an interested and willing group of Phi Psi Alumni in Tallahassee.  At that time,  20 Alumni signed up.  As required by the petition requirements, we selected an organizing set of Officers,  and, as you can see, created this website.

Our new group selected a place to hold a 2016 Annual Founders Day Luncheon, and handle the logistics for same.  The Chapter agreed to co-host the luncheon with us. To accommodate the travel time and distance, we will start the luncheon at 1:00 PM on Saturday, February 20, 2016, to allow Alumni to make it a ‘day trip’ if they so choose.

The Chapter will also hold a Founders Day social and dinner at the Chapter House in the evening on this same day.

Please click on the heading ‘2016 Annual Founders Day Luncheon’ for more information about the Luncheon.