As the name implies, the North Florida Alumni Association encompasses the counties that are traditionally included in the geographic region commonly referred to as North Florida.  Below is the first paragraph from the Wikipedia Article on this subject:

“North Florida is a region of the U.S. state of Florida, comprising the northern parts of the state. It is one of Florida’s three most common ‘directional’ regions, along with Central Florida and South Florida. It includes Jacksonville and nearby localities in Northeast Florida, an interior region known as North Central Florida, and the Florida Panhandle.”


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The counties in North Florida generally lie along Interstate 10, from Jacksonville at the Eastern end over to Pensacola at the Western end, and along Interstate 75, from where it intersects with Interstate 10 down to Ocala, at the Southern end.

Florida’s excellent Interstate Highway System, with a posted speed limit of 70 MPH, means that no Phi Psi Alumni will be more than three hours, one way, from Tallahassee, the site of the only active chapter in the state, at this time, and where an annual Founder’s Day observance has long been celebrated.

Our Phi Psi Alumni ‘Band of Brothers’ is looking forward to continuing the longtime tradition of holding an Annual Founder’s Day activity in Tallahassee, and now, with the establishment of the North Florida Alumni Association of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, we would hope to not only draw more Phi Psi Alumni from North Florida, but also draw Phi Psi Alumni from the southernmost counties of Alabama and Georgia which share our State’s northern border.